We welcome anyone to join us on our training runs or races and especially encourage newcomers of all abilities – you don’t have to be a fast runner! There may, however, be certain sessions which suit your speed/distance better than others. Please see the club’s Facebook page for information regarding which sessions are being done on a particular day. If you wish to talk to someone about club training sessions. If you have not yet joined us join here.

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Rolling Hills Half Marathon

A unique Half Marathon in December every year not to be missed for those who like a challenge and to absorb the breathtaking scenery starts at 6:30 am in mid December every year. Dates will be announced soon. Click here for more details....

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Muscat Marathon 2020

Featured Runs

Join us for life changing runs to live a healthy life

Friday Friendly

Friday friendly Run starts from the parking lot near Costa Coffee (after Intercontinental hotel ) at 5.30 am.

Sunday Social

The Sunday Social runs are for members only. Members receive by email or on the private facebook page the details of the next run.

Monday Madness

1h30 dedicated for workouts to improve your speed. Meeting on the big parking of the Intercontinental hotel for a departure at 6PM

Wednesday – Club Night

Handicap, Predictor, PDO Loop, Relays and Many more. Location varies on type of run, please click image for more details.

Thursday Family Fun

Every Week, Every Thursday; the Friendly Family Fun-run for all ages. Make it an habit to show up as it is a healthy and fun start of the weekend.

Muscat Road Runners welcomes all runners but participation is on the strict understanding that this is on a voluntary basis. We cannot be held responsible for any sickness or injury howsoever sustained by runners or spectators during our events.

It costs nothing to join the group

Just send an email (500 baizas for a Wednesday run is all that is asked) and the commitment is up to you – turn up twice a week, or once in a blue moon. The good thing is you will meet a group of like minded people who enjoy a fast blast or a gentle jog. For more information, please go to our contact page and email any of the member listed.

MRR wants to remind the running community about stay safe while running in hot weather. Running in the heat and humidity of summer can be dangerous if proper precautions and preparations are not followed.

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