Leave your watch at home.  You choose to run either 5 or 9km, give the organiser your predicted time and the runner who is closest to their time is the winner.  It does not matter if you are the fastest runner in Muscat, this is a race that anybody could win.  A box of chocolates is awarded to the winner and it is obligatory to offer them to everyone at the run. Everybody found with a watch, clock or whatever that can help to know your pace will be disqualified for 150 years in all MRR runs! Location : The predictor runs takes place close to Azaiba beach. Location Coordinates : 23.602607, 58.39630 Location Coordinates : 23°36'09.4"N 58°23'46.7"E


The predictor loop takes place once a month on Wednesday at 17h30 (winter season) or 18h00 (summer season).

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