Muscat Road Runners

How to become Member

It costs nothing to join the group. However you have to show the commitment. Turn up twice a week to run with us, or once in a blue moon. Wednesday Club runs is the best choice of most of runners, and you can also support the club by running Wednesday runs.

Wednesday Club Runs

Wednesdays is our Club Runs and you can find the Club Runs details here.

You can find location map and contact details of Club Run Organizers. For club runs you will pay only 500 baizas to support the club.

The good thing is you will meet a group of like minded people who enjoy a fast blast or a gentle jog. For more information, please go to our contact page and email any of the member listed. Once do few runs with us then you can join our Official Facebook Group for all the event updates Detailed Calendar can be found here.
Wednesday Club Runs