Sunday Social

Organizer will regularly be persuading members to host runs from a location of their choice. All you have to do is find a couple of routes, say 5 km and 8 km and provide juice(s), water and fruit (and perhaps cake!) for after the run.

The Sunday Social Run is a relaxed, friendly affair. Muscat Road Runners take turns hosting a run. Each Sunday a member from the Muscat Road Runners group volunteers to layout a run course either in the neighborhood surrounding their home or another convenient meeting/running location. These are non-competitve runs that are usually 3 km to 8 km in distance with longer distances up to 15km during the winter. Members meet at a designated location before and after the run. The host graciously provides drinks and snacks at the end of the run.

The Sunday Social runs are for members only. Members receive by email or on the private facebook page the details of the next run. If you are new to MRR, please come to a Wednesday run so that an invitation can be extended to you personally.

  • The Sunday Social runs takes place every week on Sunday at 17h30 (winter season) or 18h00 (summer season).
  • Location : not fixed please visit facebook group for location for upcoming Sunday.

  • Organizer : Agnieszka Ogrocka