Thursday Family Fun Run

Bring your family to PDO for an informal family fun run! Distances: 2,4.,6km The weekly Fun-Run has been arranged every Wednesday since 1997, starting from the Ras Al Hamra Recreation Center (RAHRC) overflow car park (Figure 1) around 4:45 pm (winter) and 5:45 pm (summer). It is organized by volunteers under the umbrella of the RAHRC, and is a no-cost, fun event, where anyone can turn up for a run. There are 3 routes available: 2 km (flat; tarmac) 4 km (4,040m) (slight elevation; tarmac) 6 km (hills; tarmac with a short stretch of wadi and steps)

It offers friendly competition with fellow colleagues, with the added benefit of getting in better shape. The Fun-Run is an “Institution” in its own right; as is the informal after-run gathering for refreshments at the RAHRC boat club.

One of the regular runners who participated in 347 RAH Fun-Runs – mainly 4k’s – and below is a summary of his experiences.

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PDO Family Fun Run